10th EMWA Symposium

Communicating with the public - what has the COVID-19 pandemic taught us?
Thursday 5 May 2022


The 10th EMWA one-day symposium will focus on the rapidly developing field of communicating with the public. The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the demand and desperate need for clear, unbiased and accurate scientific information for the public. However, it was also clear during the pandemic that when fit-for-purpose information was not available, any gaps were rapidly filled by supposition, conspiracy theory, and ‘fake news’. This symposium will examine communication with the public in general, with reference to the COVID-19 pandemic and other examples to illustrate relevant points. 

In this symposium, speakers and panelists will present and discuss:
• Safety communication and the challenges of clearly and accurately communicating benefit/risk ratios
• The importance of social media and how to write responsibly
• The regulators’ view
• Viewpoints from industry, scientists, academia
• Fake news and how it was evident during the pandemic
• Patients – what they need and want
• The importance of the language we use and how we use it

The symposium will have a well-paced mix of presentations and panel discussions, with free-flowing dialogue between speakers and panellists and ample opportunity for delegates to raise questions.

There is the option to join the Symposium online. 



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