Elisabeth Penninga

Danish Medicines Agency

Elisabeth Penninga, MD, is Chief Medical Officer at the Danish Medicines Agency, Department of Regulatory and General Medicines, Copenhagen, Denmark. Since January 2021, Dr Penninga has been the team-leader for the team General Medicine. She has clinical experience from the specialties of neurology, endocrinology, geriatric and internal medicine and is a specialist in clinical pharmacology. Dr Penninga has authored several international publications, including peer-reviewed articles, review articles, and meta-analyses.
She has worked for the Danish Medicines Agency as a medical assessor since 2012, and has extensive experience in assessments of the clinical pharmacology, efficacy and safety parts of marketing applications both within the centralised procedures and within all of the different decentralised and national procedures. Besides medical assessments, Dr Penninga has a special interest in orphan diseases. In 2016, she entered the Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products (COMP) and since 2017, she has been the Danish Representative of COMP.