Clair Firth

University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

Dr. Clair Firth is a British-born veterinarian, who works in academia at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, as well as being a farm vet in the Austrian Alps. Before retraining in veterinary medicine, she worked for 14 years as a Senior Clinical Medical Writer for the American pharmaceutical company, Baxter Healthcare Corporation. While in R&D she concentrated on vaccine development, particularly tick-borne encephalitis, Lyme disease, and avian/swine influenza. Her current research focus is on the monitoring of antimicrobial use in veterinary medicine (particularly cattle) and the relationship between such use and the development of antimicrobial resistance on farms. Given her experience in both human and veterinary medicine, she also lectures on One Health topics, and has cowritten a number of publications on infectious diseases and zoonoses, such as rabies and West Nile Virus.